Is this supplement list safe?

Patient: Hello, I want to go on a supplement regimen mainly consitanting of nootropics and herbs for enhancing cognitive function. I added probiotics, herbs for digestive health as well . I want to know if it will be safe taking this list? I am wanting to take it to give me an edge playing poker, and Med school. I know all of these supplments are relatively safe when taken within the proper dosage, but want to know if there are any risks taking them all at once. If so would I be better off splitting the stack? Should I take some products off the lists? If so which ones?Fenugreek SeedTurmeric Extractcinnamon e xtract100% Raw Manuka HoneyPhosphatidylserine ComplexVitamin D3DMAEGinseng ComplexSt. John’s Wort ExtractAshwagandha RootCiticoline CDP Choline5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) with Vitamin B6GingerDHEAOmega 3 Fish Oil 600 EPA / 240 DHAUltimate Man MultivitaminAlpha BrainGinkgo BilobaUltimate 10 ProbioticB-Complex 125100% Pure Creatine CapsAcetyl-L-CarnitineSuper Lion’s ManeAlpha GpcHuperzine A w/Ginkgo BilobaL-TyrosineBacopaL-TheaninePhosphatidylcholineCholineLetcithinPhenibutPiracetamAniracetamNoopeptSunifiramAdrafinil