Is Vagina widening operation possible?

Patient: Hello Doctor,I have had issues i could not provide solution to, my wife in 2010 did not have sex with me after wedding, it took about 6-7 months and she told me she needed to do an operation to enlarge her vagina.I am an African and my wife is a Sri Lankan. As ridiculous as the idea was, i didn’t doubt it until late. Something keep striking me that was fooled.Is it possible to do an operation to widen vagina?

Doctor: Some women have an annular hymen or a tough hymen that needs to be surgically cut to widen the opening of the vagina. Fo r such women sex or any vaginal insertion is too painful. They usually then develop a pain reaction that makes them squeamish and resistant to vaginal intercourse.What is known as vaginal widening is actually just widening the opening of the vagina or the hymenal ring to make the act of insertion easier for the woman. A similar operation of perineal repair known as Fenton operation is done for women who have any scar tissue on the perineal region to make sex less painful for them.I believe that a pelvic examination by a gynecologist will greatly aid your wife and you to fully understand the condition and the right course of management to correct the situation.