Is wheezing a symptom of allergic asthma or COPD?

Patient: Doctor–What can cause a little wheezing during the day and night. It does not affect my every day life I have beentold I have allergic asthma, and very bad allergies. I took allergy shots for 5 years, very little help. I had only one day of wheezing ,and the doctor, with out any testing called it copd. I do have some diminished lung activity. Can allergic asthma cause some lower lung function. thank you doctor, I wait for your answer

Symptoms: wheezing, severe allergy.

Doctor: Although, COPD and Allergic Asthma have overlapping symptoms, they do not have the same disease pathology. Your Chest Ph ysician should be able to easily differentiate between the two conditions based on the Pulmonary Function Test. It is very important to understand that even mild wheezing that otherwise may not interfere with your routine activities, should not be ignored. Effective maintenance therapy is pertinent to avoid any acute exacerbations in future. You are advised to visit a Chest Physician for a review of your current medication and Pulmonary Function Test. Assuming that you have got your allergy test done (since you have already received the allergy shots) you are advised to follow the avoidance measures at all times, especially during the peak season (in case of pollen allergies).