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ISigns of depression or adjustment disorder?

Patient: I’ve been really down lately, i’ve had a lot of upsetting things go on in my life lately, my dad had an affair with some woman, and it feels like me and my mum wasn’t good enough i feel soo rejected, and i feel like giving up on life, theres been a few mental illness in my family but i do not no what. ever since i found out about my dad i’ve been eating a lot, and i’ve gained alot of weight, i’ve always felt bad about the way i look but it has never been as worse as it is now. I’ve been self harming hoping it will help, which it has, but im only 14, and none of this really seems normal. I feel like pushing people away is best, soo it dont end up hurting them, but it also feels like the worlds against me, like i’ve dont something bad and karma’s coming back to get me, please help me!




Doctor: You seem to be having certain signs of depression, however keeping in view that you have encountered a stressful situati on and family crisis recently it may be more like an adjustment disorder. I understand what stress you may be going through however it is important to identify the problem and talk to some one  ( either your friends or any one you feel close to or a medical professional) regarding the same.Talk therapy usually works best in dealing with acute situations like this. Suicidal ideations are not helpful and please talk to your physician regarding this as you can seek help.


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