Isolated but Severe Migraines and Pressure Behind One Eye

Patient: For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing severe migraines during the day at work. The pain is isolated to the left side of my head, directly behind my temple. I also experience severe pressure/pain behind my left eye. My vision is still clear, and I have never had migraine or vision problems before. The first recommendation I received was to see an eye doctor, but I was wondering if there was any other course of action I could take, or if I should be more concerned than I am?

Symptoms: Severe Pain Isolated to Left Side of Head
Heavy Pain/Pressure behind left eye.

Doctor: Thank you for your question.There are some concerning points you mentioned: the duration of symptoms and the fact yo u do not have a known history of migraines.The possibilities are quite extensive and the first step should be to see your family doctor within the next week for a comprehensive neurological exam to rule out head/brain conditions.Because of your past history of no migraines, blood work will also be done.A visit to the eye doctor is helpful but it can only assess eye diseases and it can not investigate other causes which is essential given the duration of symptoms.