Issues passing sperm

Patient: 6 weeks ago I had issues passing sperm for 2 days in a row, it was so clumpy it wouldn’t pass completely, literally stuck. Obviously not comfortable feeling but no true pain. Third day/try it passed as normal, urine never seemed real effected after any days.A few days later frequent urge to urinate and mild pain in penis (burning sensation in shaft not just tip), not just during urination. Went to urgent care, in house test said UTI, started cipro. Culture test came back negative to bacteria days later. Conditions went away and came back while on cipro 6 days.Went to PCP Monday the 6th day of cipro. Checked prostate and I felt no tenderness and he said not swollen. Stopped cipro,Tested for all STD’s and took shot and pills for 2 common types as with past month history there was a chance. Symptoms improved again in a day or two but came back the very next day. All STD std test negative but concerned of result accuracy since I was on cipro.3 weeks have passed and pain has increased and decreased in intensity usually related to stress and right clothing. But now it’s higher in intensity with loose clothing as well and it’s harder to find the comfortable position to sit or lay not to feel pain. Pain in testicles as well over the past few weeks with mild pressure at times with mostly of a burning sensation in testicle area, again not just during urination.So from my observations, Symptoms much worse with tight clothing and sitting at computer with pressure on bladder area and with stress. Also seem to be much better in the morning and get worse through the day. No noticeable leakage, puss, redness, sores, blood in urine, odd colored urine, odor in urine, etc… Bowel movement don’t seem to affect anything, physical activity doesn’t seem to affect much either but I have been relaxing way more than normal.I have now been referred to a urologist, should I do another round of std test first. Going on a while now and getting worried, help very appreciated.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We recommend that you await further evaluation by your Urologist. They will conduct all nec essary examinations and STI testing if necessary. If your symptoms continue to worsen, please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for choosing