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It began about three months ago I would have

Patient: It began about three months ago. I would have lower back pain for a day and it would go away. Then it would happen about a month later. Now it’s daily and my lower abdomen hurts. I also have what appears to be a rash on my back. Not sure if it’s from whatever is wrong with me or from the ice packs/ patches I’ve been putting on my back.



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand your concern. In order to help you, I need to know a few more details. Please get back to me with the following1. Your gender and age.2. Which part of the lower abdomen hurts? Right below the belly button? to toward either side?3. Have you been able to pass stools normally?4. Does it burn when you pee?5. It would be wonderful if you could attach a photo of the rash. Is the rash itchy? is it widespread or single spots?6. Any history of trauma? Like a fall, lifting heavy weight, etcPlease get back to me, I am awaiting your reply



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Patient: I’m a male, 25. Right below the belly button hurts. I have been able to pass stools fine. I wouldn’t say it burns when I pee, it’s almost like a release. the rash appears to be one single spot located in my middle lower back, slightly to the right. No real history of trauma, however the day before it began hurting again, I was riding in a golf cart that flipped over.

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back
From the information you have given me it looks like you may be suffering from a urinary tract infection, UTI can often lead to back pain as well. The rash what you have might be from the ice packs. It should subside in a week, over the counter steroidal creams can help reduce the rash.
Here how you should go about it
1. Approach your GP from a physical examination followed by a urine examination.
2. Ultrasound abdomen should be done to rule out kidney stones.
3. For now, I recommend that you drink plenty of water (4-5lit) per day and keep yourself well hydrated
I hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to me


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