It feels like I have a lump in the very

Patient: It feels like I have a lump in the very bottom section of my left rib cage. It is painful when I cough or laugh. Or when I go to stand up from sitting down. I also have what feels like heartburn. Everytime i cough I feel like I want to hold a pillow to it to ease the pain. it almost feels like it is behind my rib cage on the very bottom. Please help me?

Symptoms: Pain, feeling of fullness or lump behind rib, hurts to cough, heartburn

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood that there is a feeling of a lump in the bottom of left rib cage. Pain increases on coughing, laughing or changing position.Such type of pain on in a few conditions:- Fracture of the rib.- Pleurisy, meaning inflammation of the covering of the lung.- Costochondritis.Simple local can tell us the probable cause as pleurisy will not be affected by local pressure.I would advise you to get a proper clinical evaluation, local and general examination to get to the diagnosis and to get investigated if required.The treatment will be anti-inflammatory medicines for 7 days and rest of the treatment as per the findings.Hope this helps.