It feels like I’m somewhere else when I’m asleep, but still fully aware and functioning..

Patient: I get these very regular. But last night frightened me. I’m a 15 year old female, 16 in two months, and last night i felt conscious whilst i was sleeping. I was sat upright and i felt i was asleep but at the same time i was aware of everything. It was pitch black even though my curtains always let the streetlight bleed through but i felt i was somewhere like wolverhampton, god knows why. I saw shackles on my wrist and i could hear myself talking and calling out for someone and i started crying because i thought i had been abandoned. And slowly i came to my senses, it dawned on me that i was infact in my room and i turned the light on and it was back to normal again. What is this?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It seems as though you have experienced a very intense dream. You perceived that you were s omewhere else, moving however you were not actually physically sleep walking. Dreams or in this case a nightmare, are very common and most persons get these types of dreams in during the deepest portion of the sleep cycle. There is no way to prevent dreams from occurring however if you practice good sleep hygiene it can assist you in having a very restful nights sleep. Try not to watch television or read directly before turning in. Furthermore you should avoid caffeine for about 4-5 hours before bed as well as not to eat less than 2 hours before bed.Thank you for choosing