It hurts to take a deep breath. Over 24 hours.

Patient: I have asthma and anxiety, yesterday at 1 pm my dad used the vacuum and it backed up. I had a horrible reaction with my asthma but was able to calm myself down for the first time and it passed without having to go to the hospital. Later that night it came back and this time it felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath, couldn’t even walk or yawn. I went to emerge and they gave me a Ventolin breathing machine and it helped for a bit and my heart rate sky rocketed. I was sent home, but once home my upper back started to ache and it still hurts to take a full breath. I was able to calm my heart rate and try to sleep, I have slept and now that I am awake it is still hard to take a deep breath, and it still hurts to try. I still cant yawn and cant walk anywhere without activating my breathing issues to worsen.I smoked for ten years, quit for over a year now, I don’t drink, don’t do drugs. I live an active lifestyle. Born with asthma. Im 25, female. Im on symbocort puffer – 2 times twice daily. I have no rescue puffer so last night when I had the scare I had to over use my symbocort. My pupils were massively dilated and my whole body ached from being tense. I just dont know what to do now, if i go back, the ventolin helped for maybe 15 minutes but over 24 hours after the first attack my lungs are aching and it hurts to take the final expansion of breath in my lungs.I have taken camomile tea, green tea, and half a larazopham to try to calm myself down and my lungs still hurt so its not anxiety fully at least. I wanted to rule out that if it wasnt my ashtma (my puffers arent helping when i take them) that if it was anxiety, in which it isnt. My lungs hurt.Do i go back to the hospital? will it be x rays and scans next? When you listen to my lung they are clear, but the doctor could hear they were “tight” but when it hurts theres a lot of pressure and thats not something that can be heard.