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Itchiness all over my body

Patient: I recently was stung and developed hives, red skin, and itchiness all over my body. I had a similar reaction but far less severe 2 days earlier. I am 45…how can this start now and could it be temporary? I took benedryl and the most severe symptoms subsided in about an hour.


Doctor: You have not mentioned about which insect sting you suffered from. Temporary reaction to an insect sting like, Bee or Wa sp is common and can be managed at home by taking an oral anti-allergic medication. However, in severe cases of hypersensitivity or anaphylaxis, immediate treatment in an Emergency Room is required, before it escalates to a life-threatening reaction. Such reactions are not age related and usually disappear with a single dose of anti-histaminic medication.

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Guest: what should be done for a tick bite? That is my question. Couldn’t put it in correct place because this site is too worried about a category!


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