Itching after losing my virginity?

Patient: I lost my virginity the night before last, or to be exact, about 32 hours ago. I’m on birth control pills and he’s been tested since his previous partner and doesn’t have any STD’s, so we decided to do it without a condom for my first time so it would feel the most natural. When we did it, it hurt for about the first minute or two and it bleed a pretty good amount (I had a pretty thick hymen). Now my vagina is only mildly sore to the touch, but it’s itched a little since a couple hours after doing it. Like any other itch, it itches worse when touched, but when I leave it alone, it’s not that noticeable. When I have a cut, scrape, blister, etc., it almost always itches when its healing, and I also start healing very quickly after having a cut, etc. So I’m thinking this is the case with my vagina healing from the hymen being torn. The bleeding has nearly stopped now and there is no abnormal discharge. So is the itching coming from my vagina healing where my hymen was broken, or is it more likely that it’s something else?

Doctor: The itching could be due to the trauma and the subsequent healing.Moreover since you are not having any discharge it is unlikely that you have contracted an infection. I would advice you to keep a watch on it and if it does become worse or persists that may be a sign of an infection and you will need to see a physician in person. I hope this helps. All the best.