Itching and burning of penis, puffy red spot under penis head

Patient: Hi, I’m 17 years old and im having a problem. Around mid-day, i got done peeing. I started to feel a burning sensation in my penis. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. I still feel it now and it wont stop. It also burns when i pee now. I checked my penis to see if anything was unusual, it seems to me, there is a spot under my penis head, its puffy and red, and my penis itches. and It feels extremely sensitive when i touch the puffy spot. My problem is, It burns when i pee, and after im done peeing, i constantly feel the burning still. Its not unbearable. But its very uncomfortable. Aswell for the puffy red spot making my penis itch. I dont understand what it is… I am probably going to the doctors tomorrow to see if it a UTI but i just noticed the puffy red spot not long ago. Please help soon.

Symptoms: Burning sensation while peeing, Burning sensation constantly, and itching of penis. Puffy red spot under penis head

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The symptoms you are describing are consistent with urinary tract infection. The red, swoll en lesion that you have observed can also be due to the inflammation caused by the urinary tract infection. When you see your doctor you will be prescribed antibiotics and a probably a topical anti-inflammatory cream to treat the lesion as well. If you develop a fever, or increased pain, especially in your lower back between now and seeing your doctor tomorrow, please go to your emergency department to start treatment as the infection may have spread to your kidneys. In the meantime please drink copious amounts of water to assist in flushing the urinary tract of the infection and reducing the rate at which it spreads.Thank you for choosing