Itching on full body

Patient: Itching in all body part .please help me to get rid of it.wit proper drug so that it can be cure .facing this problem from 1 week.

Symptoms: Itching

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is very unfortunate that you have been having itching since a long time and not taken any medical measures yet. Suggest you to see a doctor immediately and get yourself examined. The causes could be an allergic reaction to allergens like pets, parthenium plant, dust, mites, insect bites, fumes, food allergies or even side effect of any medicines. Make sure your blankets have been free from insects and mites. Scabies, fungal infections, mosquito bites, the body louse, may all be common causes. If anyone else in your family is also suffering from it, they also nee immediately help.Also, the doctor will need to do certain blood and urine tests, including liver function tests to check for jaundice as it may cause itching too.Till then you may take tablet Citrezene one tablet for 2 days at night or Chlorpheniramine maleate tablet one tablet immediately, and apply calamine lotion over the body, till you seek medical help.Hope this helped.Regards,