Itching over hands and body with red area

Patient: Actually I have a problem like in 4-5 days I instantly get itching over my hands neck,legs and small and large red swollen region appears there which expand as I itch there.And they get settled down after 2-3 hours but what this is I cannot understand its very itchy and unavoidable.

Symptoms: Red swollen patches grow large as I itch them.
Starts from any where leg,hands,neck etc.

Doctor: You are likely to be sensitive to something that is coming in contact with your body. The best way to identify the causa tive agent is to make note of the place or environment and the type of activity that triggers such a reaction. Also, note details of all the food items consumed up to 12hrs prior to such an episode. It is likely that after 3 to 5 such episodes, you’ll get a common link to your problem. If this fails, try to consult an Allergy Specialist for further evaluation and management. In the mean while, seek your Doctor’s opinion on de-worming, since helminthic infestations may also cause such nonspecific skin manifestations.