Itchy bumps on legs! Allergic Reaction?

Patient: Hello, I’m a 29 yr/o African American female. Just a few days ago I started developing a few itchy red bumps on my legs. The bumps have now spreaded from my inner thighs down to my ankles. They are incredibly itchy. I’ve tried hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl. Nothing is helping. Is it an allergic reaction??

Symptoms: Vomiting a couple of days before that but I have a IBS; no other symptoms

Itchy bumps on legs! Allerg...-1 Itchy bumps on legs! Allerg...-1 Itchy bumps on legs! Allerg...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query on ATD.If you are having a rash from three days that is extending from thighs to legs. Such types of rash are seen mostly in viral infections.Chicken pox is commonest of all, it also show itching. Chicken pox usually spread to all parts of the body more on upper and lower extremities, chest and face. Fever is a common symptom associated with it.Allergic rash appears and disappears but doesn’t persist and extend as crop. Herpes zoster is localized and painful.Please consult your doctor for treatment.