Itchy, little bumps all over my body

Patient: From 6 months to a year ago I noticed little bumps behind my armpits. I started scratching them and then anywhere else I touched they would pop up. It was all over my stomach, my arms, my legs, my feet, my back, even on my jawbone, but especially on my hands. I went to the doctor and talked to a nurse and she just brushed it off like she didn’t care, she tried to tell me it was a contact rash. I tried everything I could think of. I even made sure that I hadn’t started using new soaps or anything. At one point I went to see my doctor for something unrelated and I asked him to take a look at them, he did, but he ignored me when I asked if he knew what it could be. I was told to try dove body wash soap from a friend because that would dry them up. It started helping but that only went so far. The bumps were still on my hands(mainly on my palms). I keep using the body wash and it would dry up the bumps on my hands but that would only make them itchier. Whenever I would scratch them they would turn into blisters that were almost impossible to pop. If I stopped scratching them, later they would go back to dry patches of bumps. Now they are back again. All over my body. Behind my armpits, all over my arms, my legs, my stomach, my hands, my fingers, in between my fingers, my back, my feet, my toes, in between my toes, all over my butt. I cannot for anything figure out what it is and my doctors don’t care enough to help.

Symptoms: Itchy, little bumps all over my body