Itchy persistent throat

Patient: Itchy throat, no other symptoms. Lasting for about a month, it is late February here, becoming an annoyance interfering with social aspects.

Symptoms: Itchy throat and mouth/tongue, no trouble swallowing

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The causes of an itchy throat could an allergy. It could be due to food, fumes or even pollen. Stay away from similar trigger factors. The other cause could be a stuck up food particle or a foreign body that is causing irritation, even a fungal infection can cause throat itching. Stop smoking and alcohol and observe for side effects of any new medications if you have been started on. Warm saline gargles daily 3 times a day after meals will help. Chew on lozenges for a few days. If no improvement, consider consulting an ENT specialist for an examination.Hope this helped.Regards