Itchy red bumps on legs, ankles and back

Patient: Hey doctors I have this red bumps on my side of my leg and ankle and they are they swollen and really itchy and on my back to and I want to my doctor told me just allergies but and I think more than that cause I had before and they want way in few weeks and out no where they came back I some answer please and thanksBrianna

Symptoms: Really itchy and swollen on my legs and back and ankle

Doctor: You could visit a Dermatologist for a proper clinical diagnosis. However, such itchy lesions in the lower legs and back (assuming it to be in the waist region) may be due to a fungal infection. You should put your socks for washing after every single use and dry them inside-out in sun. Try to keep your skin folds clean and dry, especially during summers and seek immediate medical advice to prevent it from spreading further.