Itchy scalp, neck and face

Patient: Every night when I go to bed. As soon as I am lying flat my scalp starts to itch. It varies nightly in intensity but happens every night. What could cause this?

Symptoms: Itchy scalp, face and neck

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Perhaps your scalp is being exposed to an allergen in your pillow or bed linens that is cau sing this uncomfortable itching. This can occur when dust and dust mites accumulate within the pillow and its filling. Laying on your pillow at night would therfore expose your face these possible allergens and this lead to your rash. We recommend that you wash all your bed linens, pillow cases and pillows and dry them on high heat to kill any dust mites. Furthermore please have your doctor examine your rash to make sure you do not require any antihistamine medication to clear this rash and alleviate the itching.Thank you for consulting