Itchy skin whenever i bathe

Patient: Hi. i dread taking showers. everytime i take a bath my skin itches so badly, mostly my legs, arms and belly..for about 10 minutes after taking a shower i’m unable to get dressed because of the itching. I’ve been to the doctor and I’ve been told its allergy. i was told to bathe in warm water( i don’t usually take baths in warm water due to the climate here, i’m from the Caribbean) and i was given a lostrisone cream and my skin still itches after bathing. however sea water or sweat doesn’t affect me in any way. i re-visited my doctor and i was given histal allergy relief elixir, this does help to some extent. whenever i take it before baths my skin doesn’t itch that much…however when i’m out of histal it just go back to the unbearable itching. do you think its really allergy? is there some other treatment for this besides the medicine?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since your symptoms resolve after taking your antihistamine allergy medication, it is possi ble that you have a sensitivity to an additive in the water you are showering with. Many individuals have allergies to chlorine, and upon exposure, they get severe skin itching such as yours. You can try purchasing a Dechlorinator shower head attachment to remove chlorine from the water you shower with to see if this helps.Thank you for consulting