Itchy, Warm Welts on Arm above Elbow and in Head

Patient: I have a huge welt above my elbow in the shape of a ring. I believe it is a spider bite, at least I thought so at first, but now I have a little above my other elbow. they are warm and itchy…also I have been getting welts all in my head and they are itchy and seem warm ..they will disappear the next day and appear in different places. what could this be

Symptoms: Welts that are warm and itchy on my arms, near the elbow and all in my head

Itchy, Warm Welts on Arm ab...-1 Itchy, Warm Welts on Arm ab...-1 Itchy, Warm Welts on Arm ab...-1

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for the Query.The symptoms that you have can be due to:1. Allergic rea ction2. Medication Side effect3. Hives4. Insect bitesAllergic reactions can be due to any substance that causes an immune response in the body. This immune response will cause the release of Histamine. This causes symptoms of flushing and redness of the skin.All the reasons mentioned above are related to an immune reaction. One simple way to avoid allergy is to stay away from substances that cause allergy. However, for treatment, please consult a Dermatologist.