Itchyness around my penis

Patient: Hi ! I am 18 yrs old. my penis skin(i mean the skin undeneath n around testicals fells itchy..also ,i feel like scratching it but after scrathing the skin becomes red & the skin feels irritating…. & burns… is this a hygine problem..or the hair groin aroung my penis are causing it..

Symptoms: Iching around my penis

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The picture attached and the symptoms that you have described all point towards an inflam mation. It could be a contact dermatitis, dryness induced reaction or even a fungal infection. Consider consulting a dermatologist for an examination. You will need specific medications for this. Avoid nylon undergarments and tight fitting clothes. Avoid application of any lotions or cosmetics over the area. Avoid wetting of the area and always try to keep it dry.Hope this helped.Regards.