Its been a month since am suffering from anal fissure..

Patient: Hello doctor, its been a month since am suffering from anal fissure…i was applying Sucral Ano oint. but it provided no help..the pain is still there so it the cut

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryAnal fissures are indeed very painful. There are a few measures you can take to deal with them.1. Drink lots of water to avoid constipation2. You may avoid using wet toilet paper wipes and with alcohol, as it can cause itching, burning and irritation3. Avoid constipation, include a lot of fiber in the diet4.For the pain, you may use lignocaine ointment having anesthetic use5.You should not control the urge to pass motions and do it immediately6. Consider consulting a doctor for an examination, preparations of GTN, botulinum toxin injections, calcium channel blockers, etc can be used for relief7. If all above options do not work, then surgery is an optionHope this helped.Regards