IUD lodged in my colon

Patient: I have an IUD lodged in my colon. I’ve had many issues since this, including having to abort one pregnancy and a second one ending in a fully ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Its been 7 months sincemy llast surgery and I’ve had regular periods. In the last few months tho, I began noticing my belly hurt if I sat a lot or was hunched over. I chalked it up to my jeans pressing on my incisions (2 laparoscopies). I started feeling sickly full anytime I ate. Now my belly feels heavy and full at all times, and foreign if that makes sense. Periods have been regular and a pregnancy test was a clear negative. I’ve had no nausea or sore boobies, but I feel movement. I’ve had 2 sections and have had phantom kicks along my scars for the last 5 years but this is different. Could I be pregnant or should I look into it being from my pre existing issues?

Symptoms: Full bloated feeling, movement, heavy belly

Doctor: I can understand that a IUD has not suited you and you have suffered a lot owing to that. But that does not explain why you have not tried other forms of birth control. In today’s modern era, there is an option for each and every one.What you are experiencing is termed as pseudocyesis or phantom pregnancy. In the presence of regular periods, it is highly unlikely that you could have been in a advanced stage of pregnancy. However the best way to end this confusion and stress is to do a home pregnancy test. You can follow the instructions on the pack and get tested yourself without any hassles. If you still find it difficult to accept the results, I would suggest you speak to your health care provider regarding the same.To determine whether what you are experiencing is a false or true pregnancy, the doctor will usually evaluate your symptoms, perform a pelvic exam and abdominal ultrasound. Hope you are able to use this information to your benefit. All the best.