IUD: Residual Effects After Removal

Patient: I recently had an IUD removed (mirena) after having it for almost 2 years my husband and I are trying to have another child It was removed on the 23rd of march and normally I should have started my period on the 6th of april I still have not started and have taken many home pregnancy test all negative results I have had tender breasts and not been feeling to well could I be pregnant or its it just my body adjusting to have the IUD removed?

Doctor: Upon IUD removal, residual effects on the uterus may still be present. Mirena, in effect, decreases the frequency of ovu lation and it also provides a hostile environment for the egg. It may take awhile, maybe a few months, after IUD removal before the hormonal effects on the uterus are reversed. Menstrual irregularities and hormonal effects (breast tenderness) may be observed as the body is readjusting. The only sure way to find out if you are pregnant is an ultrasound. With the home pregnancy test kits, it is best to do them early in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up) since the urine is most concentrated. You may do it 5 days to 1 week apart each time. Bear in mind these home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Try waiting for a few more weeks, perhaps a month for your period to appear. If it doesn’t then you may request for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I do hope this helps and I wish you all the best.