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I’ve been coughing up small traces of blood and sometimes

Patient: I’ve been coughing up small traces of blood and sometimes with flem. I’ve also been having chest pain on my right side. I went to the hospital and they said it was blood from my nose that got caught in my throat. But I think they completely ignored the chest pain. They took an x-Ray and ran blood tests. I’m still having these symptoms with also dizziness, naseua, and have trouble breathing at times. Should I go back to the hospital?



Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You have not mentioned about the results of the Chest X-ray and b lood tests performed by your doctors.However, blood in sputum (Hemoptysis) requires evaluation.In case you are suffering from Bronchitis, excessive coughing might be the cause behind your hemoptysis. The other common causes being Sinusitis, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Lung cancer.The chest pain is commonly associated with Pneumonia, Pleural effusion, Mitral Stenosis.So, the pneumonia, pleural effusion, tuberculosis are evident on chest x-ray.In case your chest x-ray is normal, then your doctor’s might be right.In my opinion, you should get a Hemogram with ESR, PT/INR, Sputum for AFB, X-ray Chest and X-Ray Sinuses.If there is any fever associated, you would require broad spectrum antibiotics like Amoxycillin, Azithromycin.For symptomatic relief from hemoptysis, we advise Cough syrup containing Codeine.If that is all because of allergy in the nose then you would require to take an anti-allergic like Levocetrizine and do steam inhalation.I hope it helps. Share my opinion with your doctor.If you have nay further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: The only thing they found in the X-ray was a that I was dehydrated in the kidneys.blood tests were normal. They recommended that I wait and just throw up or cough up all the blood. The blood is a rust color or dark red. My chest hurts most when I consume food of any type. When would you recommend I go to the hospital since it’s Friday and I wouldn’t be able to get a doctor until Monday. Also my throat has been very dry no matter how much liquids I drink. I have no excessive coughing just main thing that’s bothering me is the chest pain.

Doctor: Hi, In such scenario, i would recommend you to see your doctor once and let them evaluate you clinically. If they find any sign of infection in the chest, they will treat you with short course antibiotics for the same.
I hope it helps.


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