I’ve been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder some 20 ye

Patient: I’ve been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder some 20 years ago. My main and complaint at the time and still is the racing thoughts at night. I’ve tried a multitude of medicines with no real relief. Maybe on the higher doses I felt like a zombie and it knocked me out. Over the years I have been on different medicines from Benzos to Anti-Depressants. Now I am on Seroquel 100mg, Effexor 150mg, Gabapentin 100mg and Rivotril 0.25mg. I’ve worked hard to reduce these doses. But I have been reading a lot lately, and is it at all possible that I have been misdiagnosed? I feel I have all the symptoms of ADHD and not anxiety. Some examples. A) I keep moving and can’t sit still, I shake my legs profusely up and down at work B) My colleagues all think I am stressed the whole time when I really am not C) I am always chewing something or eating something, or smoking something. (My tshirts all have bite holes in them) simply because I can’t sit still or do nothing. I also act on impulse a lot and when i was doing my MBA I was always blurting out answers in class. Focus is not terrible but not great either. Not matter what I do I can’t stay organized. And I can’t seem to quit things that I know harm me (Smoking, eating or binge eating at night)My long term memory is terrible, however my short term memory i think is pretty good.I live in a country where both these conditions are greatly accepted. What can I do? Is there a test or can a Psychologist re-diagnose me? Seeing a Pschyciatrist in this country is very hard but if I can diagnose it I can always go to an other country to get treatment.

Symptoms: As reported above

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.Adult ADHD is characterised by :ImpulsivenessDisorganization and problems prior itizingPoor time management skillsProblems focusing on a taskTrouble multitaskingExcessive activity or restlessnessPoor planningLow frustration toleranceFrequent mood swingsProblems following through and completing tasksHot temperTrouble coping with stressforgetfulnessADHD can many times co exist with anxiety disorders. In Your case also there is high probability of you having ADHD with anxiety.To diagnose Adult ADHD, Utah Criteria is followed :1. Retrospective childhood ADHD diagnosis.2. Adult characteristics :five additional symptoms including inattentiveness, hyperactivity and 3 other symptoms:1. inattentiveness2. Hyperactivity3. Mood lability4. irritability5. impaired stress tolerance6. Disorganisation7. ImpulsivityIf your symptoms fulfil this criteria, You are most probably having Adult ADHD.Treatment with stimulants like methylphenidate, non stimulants like atomoxetine and antidepressants like Bupropion may help.Also Cognitive behaviour therapy plays important role for giving relief from ADHD.Hope this helps.Feel free to write back.Regards