I’ve been experiencing pain in my left hand, left arm,

Patient: I’ve been experiencing pain in my left hand, left arm, left shoulder and left chest. I also have swollen feet and I experience dizziness when I stand. My physician thinks I have a stress fracture and may be pre-diabetic. She referred me to a neurologist but my appointment isn’t until next Thursday. My symtoms are not improving. I’m considering going to the ER but I have a limited budget. Do you have any recommendations to relieve the pain.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.I strongly recommend you to consult a cardiologist for a physical exam, resting ECG, cardiac ultrasound and some blood tests (cardiac enzymes) in order to rule out any coronary syndromes.When dealing with chest pain, we have to perform a careful differential diagnosis to rule out several etiological causes. In your case, your clinical scenario is strongly suggestive of a possible ischemic heart problem, it is advisable to hurry up and to be clarified on this issue with your doctor. Sometimes additional exams like Stress test, or other imagine tests (like coronary angio CT scan may be needed). Nevertheless, they remain recommended only on your doctor’s advice, judging the ongoing diagnostic process.Swollen feet indicates that your blood pressure is high and should be tackled as soon as possible.I would suggest you to take 5 mg Sorbitrate now and visit an emergency room for proper evaluation and management.My only last advice is to visit your doctor without delay.Feel free to discuss further,Hope to have been helpful to you!