I’ve been feeling incredibly low and unlike my usual happy self

Patient: I’ve been feeling incredibly low and unlike my usual happy self for almost 2 years. I have felt uninterested in hobbies, isolated, sporadic moods daily. What’s wrong?I also pick at my arms until they bleed, then I often pick the scabs leading to many scars on my arms, I know it’s bad hut this often calms me, I’ve done it since I was 14, do you know why? Or what this classed as?

I've been feeling incredibl...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history and the image.How are you feeling at the moment?As per the his tory, you have provided you were alright 2 years before today.Do you remember what happened in those days with you, family, friends or so that disturbed you so much?All the symptoms you have of no interest in hobbies, feeling isolated, sporadic moods daily, picking at arms till they bleed are indicative of not getting adjusted to the new environments of life. This may be related to the new hormonal changes in your body, getting too much emotional, not adjusting to the family, friends, school, neighbor, younger ones and so on.Many a times the reasons can be so trivial that one laughs at it later in life after remembering how for such a trivial thing one was so much disturbed.I think, you need a Counselor and a Family Physician to talk to, t get yourself examined and possible reference to a Specialist dealing such situations.And the last word! It is only you that can change you better than anyone in the life.