I’ve been getting frequent headaches; they’re usually pretty

Patient: I’ve been getting frequent headaches; they’re usually pretty bad in the morning but get better. Sometimes they don’t get Better, or come back later. I’ve been really fatigued lately and no matter how much or little sleep I’m still tired. I’ve been sleeping between 6-9 hours recently. Sometimes my hands get tingly/numb along with my ankles. I sometimes feel like I’m struggling for breath like it’s hard to breath or painful and I also have had a cough for a while now. Random parts of my body will start hurting and then suddenly go away too but that probably has something to do with growing? Oh and I’ve also had a shorter temper lately and I just feel weird. I hope you can help me figure out what’s up, thank you so much.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns.You have a history of too much sleep, still short-tempered, irregular pains h ere and there, feeling shortness of breath.I would suggest to consult your family Physician for clinical evaluation, checkup and investigations of thyroid and so on as required by your Doctor.This looks more to be of a psychological nature, and will get recovered early only if you want to and if you are willing to.So do not worry, do not make others worry about you, you can recover fully well.