I’ve been having knee problems for as long as I

Patient: I’ve been having knee problems for as long as I can remember. Long walks hurt and even when I’m not doing anything I will get shooting pain in the knees. I’ve seen a few doctors but they can’t tell me what’s wrong. Any ideas what could be causing it?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like there is a generalised weakness and that is causing pain in the knee as w ell.It is unlikely to develop arthritis at your age. However, with obesity, post-streptococcal infections, stress and calcium deficiency, arthritis can set in at an early age.You will have to consult an orthopedic for an examination and an X ray of both the knee. In case of an early arthritis, you can seek medication and calcium supplements. If severe, then physiotherapy and surgical intervention may be recommended. We will also have to rule out other conditions like calcium deficiency, anemia,neurological deficits, etc that could be causing the difficulties.Aim at weight loss and have a diet rich in calcium like milk, curd and dairy products. Exposure to natural sunlight for 15 minutes a day is also needed to absorb the Vitamin D which is essential for bone health.Hope this helped.Regards