I’ve been taking my pill incorrectly but consistently for months, what should I do?

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Patient: I’ve been on the contraceptive pill Marvelon for 9 months now and have always had a regular bleed every month in my 7 day break. However, I’ve discovered that instead on having a 7 day break (which is what I was supposed to be doing) I’ve been having 6. So I’ve been starting each new pack a day early. I’ve been doing this since I have started the pill all those months ago, and have never missed a pill or period. I’ve also taken a pregnancy test which has come back negative.Is my pill still fully effective even though I’ve been giving myself a smaller break in between packs? Or have I just got lucky in terms of not becoming pregnant (I use no other form of contraception)? And should I change my pill routine to the one I should be in from the one that I’ve been in for months (due to me getting confused as to what classes as a ‘day’)?

Doctor: It is very nice to here from you that you are using the pills regularly with out skipping .It wont be a problem if y our taking pill a day earlier , you can stop and regularize it from now itself . there are very very less chances of becoming pregnant. very rare .As your fine with your cycles and you have no problem you can use it normally in a proper way .As a doctor i suggest you to prefer barrier method(condom) or IUCD (intra uterine contraceptive device)as they are very safer when compared to oral contraceptive pills .If your only comfortable using these pills , you can go ahead in the same way .

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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