I’ve been taking suboxone and I’m 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow

Patient: I’ve been taking suboxone and I’m 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I’m not taking anymore starting now. Can the baby still be born with withdrawal if I stop now and don’t take any more?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern. Suboxone belongs to category C drugs in pregnancy according to FDA,means animal studies have demonstrated few adverse effects on fetus whereas sufficient human studies are lacking.It may cause breathing problems, behavior changes, withdrawal symptoms in newborn if used during pregnancy.At this stage it cannot be guessed whether the baby can get the withdrawal symptoms or not, because till now the baby has exposed to the drug.Regular antenatal checkups, ultrasound examinations are needed to monitor the growth of the baby. After delivery baby needs thorough checkup to find out the possibility of withdrawal symptoms.Take care.