I’ve been very bloated even when I’m not on my

Patient: I’ve been very bloated even when I’m not on my period and my periods are never the same and never around the same time. I’ve also have been feeling extremely tired even if I have done nothing, my husband has even asked me why I’ve been so tired all the time. I’ve been having back aches too and heart burn. I’m not pregnant or anything. Also sex started feeling uncomfortable as well I’m not sure what’s going on.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.As per details, the most likely possibility for your symptoms is a condition called Acid peptic disease.It is characterised by bloating and reflux of food in which may be silent at times leading to the feeling of nausea.In such cases, I prefer to advise a combination of rabeprazole and domperidone to my patients.Weakness and easy fatigueness is most likely due to Anaemia or Thyroid dysfunction.I will advise you to get your Hemogram and Thyroid profile done.Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and order tests for you.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.