I’ve got a scabby rash on both sides of my

Patient: I’ve got a scabby rash on both sides of my butt cheeks it hurts to sit down on them and when i pic at em they bleed or puss comes out and i just started using acne wash and they are on both sides of my cheesk and lower thighs

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.As per details, it seems that you are suffering from a condition called Folliculitis. It is bacterial infection of skin involving the hair follicle.In such cases, I prefer to advise topical antibiotic cream like mupirocin 2 percent over the affected area.If severe, oral antibiotics are also given like cloxacillin.Get your blood sugar levels done.Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and give you a prescription.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Stay healthy