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I’ve got this  strange thing on the right

Patient: I’ve got this strange “thing” on the right side of my urethra’s opening. I’ve seen both a general practitioner and doctor about this and both have said it’s not a wart and were certain it wasn’t! Didn’t even bother burning it off when I requested they spray it! It’s flat, flesh coloured, soft and causes no irritation what so ever!Unfortunately, they weren’t able to tell me what it is and the anxiety is slowly eating away at me as I have no clue what this is. Any idea? I’m more then happy to provide a picture!



Symptoms: A flat, flesh coloured shape that’s soft like the rest of my skin and doesn’t hurt at all!



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It appears from the photograph that the flat , flesh coloured l esion that you are referring to, is in no way a wart but rather its a part of the rugousity ( shrivelling of skin) over the penile glans with mild scarring of tissue which would have possibly occurred due to frictional injury during sex or even masturbation practices.There is indeed no need to be worried on it. This is normal glans skin ( marked by arrow in the picture).I hope i have allayed your anxiety, Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: Is this something I’m stuck with? Will it go away on its own or can I treat it with something?

Doctor: There is actually no real need to be worried about it at all. Its not a lesion at all intact a normal glans skin which is not going to cause any problems in future. It is definitely not a wart and as you have been vaccinated, you shall be protected as well against them. This doesn’t require any form of treatment, infact any attempt to burn or cauterise can cause damage to the surrounding skin tissue and can lead to obvious scarring and discomfort.


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