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I’ve gotten an sti twice in 4 months from recieveing

Patient: I’ve gotten an sti twice in 4 months from recieveing oral sex. That doesn’t seem right, is getting an sti from recieveing iral that common or could there be something else wrong with me?



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.An STD has many modes of spread. Sexual intercourse, oral contact, oro genital intercourse , contact of the genital skin, contact with other areas of an infected person like constant touch, contact with urine or feasces can all be possible routes of getting an infection. Out of this, oral has a risk of 20 percent of getting the diseaseDo not worry, treatment at the earliest is recommendedRegards



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Patient: I understand that and have received treatment but in all my live I never had one and then wishing 4 months ago developed one after receiving oral sex and it was treated and cleared and now after recieving oral sex I again developed one last week. This is just worrisome to me that there may be something underlying or wrong with me that it has happened twice so close together from recieving oral only. Is there something I should be more concerned about and talk to my PCP with reading when I see her and have her look into?

Doctor: Hello,
There could be a possibility that your immunity has come down and there could be some ulcers or breach in the oral cavity that could have gone missed. Go in for blood counts and a clinical examination


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