Ive gotten X-rays on my right shoulder due to an

Patient: Ive gotten X-rays on my right shoulder due to an injury Ive gotten years ago from throwing a softball during gym. The doctors tell me it looks fine, but for some odd reason I am unable to put my right hand to my chest correctly. (For example doing the pledge of allegiance) when I do it with my left hand, my hand lays accross my chest flat. But when I do it with my right hand i cant lay my hand flat on my chest. An answer to why that is would be great and very well appreciated.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history along with the image.There is a history of an injury to the rig ht shoulder and this must have gone into a partial state of frogzen shoulder, not well treated it looks.But inability to lay hand flat on the chest is all the work of the forearm muscles and may be due to injury to the nerves at the shoulder or neck level.I would advise you the following:- An opinion of a Neurologist for clinical evaluation, nerve conduction studies and proper diagnosis to have proper treatment.- An opinion of an Orthopedic Surgeon for the problems related the shoulder joint.This will give you the perfect diagnosis and good prognosis.