I’ve had a cold all week

Patient: I’ve had a cold all week and just went to bed with a fever (don’t know temp. because I don’t have a thermometer). I just woke up three hours later with my heart beating regularly but at twice the normal rate. Should I be concerned? Is there a way to take my own temperature without a thermometer?

Doctor: HiThank you for the questionYou have a fever when your temperature rises above its normal range. What’s normal fo r you may be a little higher or lower than the average normal temperature of 98.6 F (37 C). Depending on what’s causing your fever, additional fever signs and symptoms may include:-Sweating-Shivering-Headache-Muscle aches-Loss of appetite-Dehydration-General weakness. High fevers between 103 F (39.4 C) and 106 F (41.1 C) may cause:- Hallucinations- Confusion- Irritability- Convulsions- Dehydration. Seek immediate medical attention if any of these signs or symptoms accompanies a fever:-Severe headache-Severe throat swelling-Unusual skin rash, especially if the rash rapidly worsens-Unusual sensitivity to bright light-Stiff neck and pain when you bend your head forward- Mental confusion- Persistent vomiting- Difficulty breathing or chest pain- Extreme listlessness or irritability- Abdominal pain or pain when urinating.You can estimate your body temperature by using your heart rate. If your normal heart rate is 70 beats per minute, an increase in Heart rate by 10 beats per minute can mean a Temperature rise by 1 degree.Take a Paracetamol for temporary relief and I hope you recover quickly.Talk to a Doctor if the fever persists.I hope this will help you. Have a nice day.