I’ve had a cramp on my lower stomach and above

Patient: I’ve had a cramp on my lower stomach and above my penis since yesterday and it hasn’t gone away Do you know what it would be. It hurts a little when i breath in and it hurts when i pee also a little when i walk. I’m a 16 yearold male it started happening after i ate lunch yesterday

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Your history of pain in the lower abdomen and above the penis with pain during urination and walking is suggestive of the following possibilities.-Severe Urinary tract infection along with cystitis.-Another possibility of some other pathology of the intestine and /or lymph nodes touching the urinary bladder can also give the similar symptoms.I would advise you the following:- First of all send the sample of urine for tests of routine, microscopy, culture and sensitivity; before starting any antibiotics.- tests of blood and ultrasonography of the abdomen.- Get started on proper antibiotics and supportive medicines.-Drink plenty of water orally.Review with a Surgeon or Urologist