Ive had a very tight chest (asthma) for the last

Patient: Ive had a very tight chest (asthma) for the last two weeks, I’ve been taking my inhalers more regularly and i thought it had got better, earlier on today i started to have a sore throat and felt like i was coming down with a cold so i took some flu relief but now I’m in serve pain and discomfort with my throat, i just had a look in the mirror and the roof of my mouth is a yellowey colour and my tonsils are red with lighter spots on them

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.It is a upper respiratory tract infection that might have triggered underlying Asthma. As the symptoms are worsening, may need antibiotic therapy to control the infection. Spots on tonsils may be due to follicular tonsillitis. Try steam inhalation and salt water gargles for soothing of throat discomfort. Continue inhalers for Asthma. Consult your GP for further treatment.Have a nice day.