Ive had this rash for years Its only on my

Patient: Ive had this rash for years. Its only on my arms and shoulders and very infrequently upper/outer thighs. Its very itchy. It looks like small spaced out red bumps somewhat similar to acne including the puss that cimes out IF i squeeze one of the bumbs. The rash often scabs and always leaves scars. My doctor told me what it was though now i cant remember. He also said theres no way to treat it besides calamine lotion when it itches. Can someone please tell me what this could be?

Symptoms: Itching, redness, rash-like bumps,scarring.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a simple allergic reaction due to some substance in the environmen t. You can try taking tablet Levocet once a day for 3 days to see if it helps you. Wishing you the best. If you do not get better, please see a Doctor.Hope this helps you.