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Ivf at 40 fresh and frozen cycles

Patient: Just had a frozen embryo transfer on 12315, embryo was starting to hatch when transferred. I’m 40 with no other issues, uteruscis fine. This egg was frozen at day 6 of fertilization, unthawed on 12215 kept growing and transferred on 12315. Do you think I will have a positive pregnancy test on by beta test




Doctor: Hello,As you have undergone a frozen embryo transfer and after being thawed , it shows growth ,then if your endometri um is well prepared to receive it then implantation should occur within 72 hrs and hcg should be produced . yOU MAY CHECK WITH HCG LEVELS AFTER 5 DAYS of transfer and repeat after 48 hrs to see a rise of 65 % or doubling of hcg levels indicating that the transfer is successful and the pregnancy is growing.If the doubling in hcg doesn’t occur then chances that this could be a failed pregnancy .I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards


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