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Jamieson Stressease tablest for Stress Reduction

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Can you tell me if this product will prevent me from getting stressed out or is it just going to help my body deal with the nasty effects of being stressed?


The Jamieson Stressease tablets is a combination of water soluble B vitamins .  Vitamin B is used to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, helps the immune system, helps in cell growth and helps in metabolism.  Stressease can help  support a healthly nervous system and immune system only if your body is low in Vitamin B.  Taking the Vitamin B  once daily with food regularly for four to six weeks is important to achieve any benefits.  If you have a very well balanced diet the Stressease tablets will likely not help and then it is important to find the underlying root of your stress.
However, if you are not sure if you are low in Vitamin B it is also safe to try using Stressease tablets since the body will get rid of any excess Vitamin B and will not store it in the body.  Alternatively, your doctor could perform a simple blood test to determine your Vitamin B levels

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