Jaundice and typhoid

Patient: Hello doctor. my name is singh iam 27years od. i sufferd from jaundice and typhoid . my s.bilirubin was 1.8 and widal 1:40. my puss cells were 4-6 and sgot sgpt was 60 65. Now my s.bilirubin is 0.8 and widal is same ( is it typhoid ? ). my puss cells are 0-2 and sgot sgpt are 25 27 . i took 1.cefixime & ofloxacin 200 tablet (one per day). 2.L-Ornithine L-Aspartate with vitamin B-complex (one per morning). 3.Co-Enzyme Q10 , L-Carnitine, Lycopene and Zinc tablet (one in the evening). i took these tablets for 14days after that i leave these tablets. now i still using these tablets. my urine colour is still dark yellow in the morning and it goes normal till night. why my urine colour is still dark yellow in the morning and i checked my fever regulary it is in between 97 to 98.3 . but the palms of hand feet feeling hot and other body parts too but i dnt have fever when i checked. why body feel hot without fever. i feel very week and tired nowadays when i do any type of work. please suggest me what can i do

Symptoms: Jaundice, liver problem, typhoid and weekness

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The symptoms you have are common in viral hepatitis leading to jaundice.You need to get your hepatitis panel checked to find out the type of infection you had.In some cases, with deranged liver enzymes, Widal can be false positive. However, there is no harm in taking antibiotics and you do not need to take Cefixime anymore.I will rather advise you to take Syrup. Silymarin 2 teaspoons twice daily. It is very effective in jaundice and leads to a quicker recovery. Try to avoid fatty foods and drink plenty of fluids.The recovery can take up to a month. Please do not worry,Hope this was helpful.Regards.