Jelqing injury urgent!

Patient: Hi,I tried jelqing and followed a certain routine for the first time out of curiosity because who would turn down a chance for a bigger dick? So i tried it for two days with a warm up and stuff,but later i noticed a pain on the underside of my shaft whenever i pressed down on it. I then looked up possible injuries and erectile disfunction was one that got me really scared. I couldnt achieve a full erection and my morning wood was semi erect. Later the next night i tried getting a full erection by relaxing and it worked which made me think i had no injury. So i didnt worry about it for a few days and then attempted to masturbate but couldnt maintain an erection. Im really scared now. Part of my problem could be anxiety but i do get good morning wood, although my penis is kinda hard when flaccid and ive lost a bit of feeling. Im not sure what to do. Im only 15 and just wanted to try a penis excersise because i thought it was healthy but im already experiencing ED. Please tell me what i should do! Im not comfortable to see a real doc about this