Joint Pain in Knees, Shoulders, and Elbows.

Patient: I have noticed that my right knee has been aching really bad lately, almost everyday and it’s gotten worse. I can’t stand up at work for long without it being painful. I have been taking tylenol and the pain quits until the medicine wears off. Then it starts up and goes away. Then I started noticing that my elbows and shoulers getting sharp stabbing pains in them every once in a while. I can’t sleep at night because my knee or ankles hurt. I roll my ankles and they pop but the pain doesn’t stop. I’ve also been really sick lately with diahrea and a fever. My body has been bruising a lot easier than usual and I have a ton of bruises and I have not been wanting to eat. I haven’t been hungry so i’m losing weight. Any ideas? Also I am only 19 years old!