Just a pimple instead of cold sore?

Patient: I have either a pimple or cold sore on the skin bordering my lower lip. I think it may be a pimple because there was no burning, tingling, or pain, and no clear blisters, crusting or scabbing. But I also think it may be a cold sore because it’s been there for about two and a half weeks, though I have had pimples that stayed that long as well. It also never developed a defined whitehead like much of my acne.Background: I am very prone to acne breakouts, but I believe I have gotten cold sores in the past.

Symptoms: No persistent symptoms or discomfort

Just a pimple instead of co...-1

Doctor: Hello,Please rest assured that its not a cold sore or hsv infection , its an acne pimple.You may apply antibacteria l ointment locally for the cure or can take macrolide group of drugs on prescription for the treatment.But it is not a STD or herpes.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards