Just started Yasmin bc pill and have terrible dizzyness and sickness

Patient: Hi,I started taking Yasmin bc yesterday. Im approx mid way through my cycle. Late in the evening i felt sort of spaced out and tired so went to bed early. I woke up in agony, my stomach was bloated and i felt extremely dizzy. After about an hour i began to throw up repeatedly.Today i was tired as expected but ok. I took the next Yasmin pill and im now beginning to feel somewhat spaced out and dizzy, slight sick feeling but haven’t been sick.Could this be the Yasmin affecting me so badly? I have previously been on microgynan which was fine but i felt kind of anxious so came off it.I was so scared last night i felt so ill, the only other time i have experienced a similar feeling was years ago when i drank too much alcohol one night. I haven’t drunk any alcohol recently so I know it’s not that.